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A letter to Daddy

Life With The Princesses

Dear Daddy,

Happy Father’s Day!

As I MIGHT have mentioned over the past week, Mommy and I are taking you out for ice cream today.   I am planning to have a cone of vanilla ice cream with colorful sprinkles.   Thanks, in advance, for helping me with the drips!

And thanks for…

all the times you tell me bathtub stories

and for encouraging me stand tall on the toilet lid while I brush my teeth

and for playing Old Maid and Go Fish with me

and for helping me build wonderful castles and courtyards with my blocks

and for letting me help you mix cement

and for brushing my hair

and for climbing Wolfie-Claw Mountain

and for making me the best pancakes in the world

and for taking me to Lowe’s Hardware in the little red truck

and for pointing out every snort on the roadways

and for assisting the…

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May 15, 2018 · 7:40 pm